Feature Films – In Development

/Feature Films – In Development

Rhapsody – by Pascal Tessaud

1988, Paris suburbs. Stéphane and Terry flee from the distress of their ghetto-city by living out their passion: skateboarding. Stéphane’s best friend, Patrick, comes from the nice neighbourhoods of the city. They are, nonetheless, going to form an outsider clan to break free from the

Terrorizers – by Wi Ding Ho

At a train station, Xiao Zhang and Yu Fang meet randomly with a lot of emotion. Memories come back to them. It was ten years ago, at the beginning of summer. A new life begins for Xiao Zhang who just left his job on the

Dayao swims against the flow – by Zhang Tao

Every morning, Dayao, a young Chinese peasant, leaves his native countryside to work in the nearby big city. His pregnant wife dreams of a more confortable urban life. When he miraculously escapes from a construction site accident, he withdraws into silence and takes refuge in

Entrelacs – by Nicolas Sarkissian

Quebec, Laurentides. Paul, a young French man, rents a lakeside cabin to Lisa, a woman in her 40s. He's not a regular tourist. Lisa is his biological mother and he's here to reconnect. Struck by this strong woman dealing with the loss of her husband,