Short films – Catalogue

/Short films – Catalogue

A Gentle Night – by Qiu Yang

In a nameless Chinese city, a mother with her daughter missing, refuses to go gentle into that good night. Director : Qiu Yang Written by : Qiu Yang Length : 15 min Language : Wu Chinese Original title : Xiao cheng er yue Cast :

Arnie – by Rina B. Tsou

Synopsis: While docked at the port of Kaohsiung, Filipino seaman ARNIE buys a ring with the help of his mates. He plans to propose to his girlfriend back home over the internet. What was meant to be the happiest moment of his life soon takes a downward spiral when he finds out that she is pregnant. Arnie is not the father of the child.
Like a fish out of water, the life of migrant seamen working in Taiwan is a daily struggle... for the catch is plenty down south, but the waves are choppy and brutal. Monsoon season is here.

Un Prince à la Caserne – by João Pedro Rodrigues

2069, an erotic yet fateful year for Alfredo, uncrowned king of Portugal. On his deathbed, an old popular song brings him remote memories : trees, the smell of a burnt pine forest, and this moment when, then prince, the desire of becoming a firefighter, to release his country from the curse of the flames, gave birth to another burning desire : the one for Alfonso.

Letter To My Daughter – by Dominique Valentin

An old lady who was professional actress returns home. She decides to leave everything and leaves a letter to his daughter.

Under the sun – by Qiu Yang

One incident occurs, two families tangle. There’s nothing new under the sun.

The Pierre Clémenti Inedits – by Pierre Clémenti

Three films found, directed by Pierre Clementi: Bunuel, Pasolini and Garrel’s actor. Three diamonds, three symphonies silent images, three ” colored snakes “: SOUVENIRS SOUVENIRS (bobine 27) France, 1967-78, 27 min POSITANO (bobine 30B01) France, c. 1968, 28 min LA DEUXIÈME FEMME (bobine J) France, 1967-78, 48 min