Kylian (14 y/o), lives in the Beauregard estate in La Celle Saint Cloud. Passionate about skateboarding with his best friend Mehdi, they have created a T-shirt brand called Beauregard. One day, while both are skating at La Défense, they meet Paul, a young person their age who lives in the more residential part of their town. Paul comes from a different background and represents for Kylian an opportunity to break free from the tensions of his estate. Slowly leaving Mehdi behind, he tries to quickly integrate into this new world. However, a series of choices and mistakes on his part will ultimately break his friendship with Mehdi and leave him more alone than ever before, marking his transition into young adulthood.

Director: Pascal Tessaud

Written by: Pascal Tessaud

Language: French

House on Fire (France)
Dalva Films (France)