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/Feature films - In Development

Rhapsody – by Pascal Tessaud

1988, Paris suburbs. Stéphane and Mehdi flee from the street rules of their projects by living out their passion: skateboarding. Stéphane has a new best friend, Paul who comes from the wealthy neighbourhoods of the city. They are, nonetheless, going to form an outsider tribe to escape from seclusion of these separated worlds. Director: Pascal Tessaud Written by: Pascal Tessaud Language: French Production: Da Prod (France) House on

Entrelacs – by Nicolas Sarkissian

Quebec, Laurentides.Paul, a young French man, rents a lakeside cabin to Lisa, a woman in her 40s. He's not a regular tourist. Lisa is his biological mother and he's here to reconnect. Struck by this strong woman dealing with the loss of her husband, Paul makes up a false identity to win her and her two children over. Lisa hires him and Paul moves in

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