November 2013, the Philippines.
Typhoon Haiyan has destroyed Tacloban city. Miguel, 23 years old, wakes up in the middle of a devastated landscape. Most of the buildings are wiped out. Everywhere, dead bodies lie among the ruins. While he is looking for his mother, Miguel comes across his friend, Andrea. She informs him about another incoming typhoon and offers him to leave the town with her by boat.

When Miguel finally finds his mother, Norma, he convinces her to leave for Manila with them. Despite the rivalry of the two women, all three of them begin a journey disrupted by strange and absurd encounters, between religious radicals, scammers trying to benefit from the situation, looters and hoodlum gangs, being violent and aggressive.

Director: Carlos Francisco Manatad

Written by: Giancarlo Abrahan V, Carlos Francisco Manatad & Jérémie Dubois

Language: Waray waray

ACC Cinematografica Films (Philippines)
planc. (Philippines)
Quantum Films (Philippines)
AAND Company (Singapore)
KawanKawan Media (Indonesia)
Weydemann Bros. (Germany)
House on Fire (France)

With the support of:
CNC – Aide aux Cinémas du Monde
Torino Filmlab Coproduction Award