In a Shandong village, an old peasant woman falls. Immediately, her children  take advantage of it to declare her disabled, in order to sign up her in a nursing home. Waiting for a bed to be released, the old mother is brought to each of her children’s home, no one willing to keep her. This chaotic journey keeps going on whilst both her health and her family ties deteriorate. At a point, an ill and sinister laugh dawns from this old forlorn woman.

Director : Zhang Tao

Written by : Zhang Tao

Length : 80 min
Language : Chinese (Shandong)

Cast : Yu Fengyuan, Li Fengyun, Chen  Shilan, Pan Yun, Ruan Fengming, Zhang Jun, Wei Yongzhi

Producers :
House on Fire (France) – Vincent Wang
Butong Pictures (China) – Li Yong
Tender Madness (Hong-Kong) – Wang Yang

Sound :Tu Duu-Chinh Tu Tse-Kang

Editing : Isabelle Mayor

Digital Coloring : Yov Moor

International sales: MPM Films

Selections :
Cannes 2017 – ACID

Festival International du Film d’Amiens 2017

Festival des 3 Contintents 2017