AGE IS… is an ode to the texture, the beauty , the uniqueness of aging faces and silhouettes, a hypnotic poem as ” Dwoskinien ” sense, ie a careful observation, passion and love of details. A gesture, a pause, a look, a moment. Through his films, privacy has always played a leading role and this is still the case in Age is … all faces are those of close friends, their families and even Stephen himself.

Director : Stephen Dwoskin

Written by : Stephen Dwoskin

Length : 73 min

Produced by: Antoine Barraud, Stephen Dwoskin, Vincent Wang

Associate Producers: Simon Field, Keith Girffith, Véronique Goël,
 Rachel Bénitah , Philippe Dijon de Monteton

Editing: Stephen Dwoskin, Tatia Shaburishvili

Image: Rachel Bénitah, Stephen Dwoskin, Véronique Goël

Sound: Philippe Ciompi

Music: Alexander Balanescu

Additional Images: Antoine Barraud, Gilles Benardeau, Françoise Bridel, Tonino De Benardi, Mary Dickinson,
 Michele Fuirer, Rachel Garfield ,Samantha Granger, Alexis Kavershine, Anthea Kennedy, S.Louis,
 Valérie Massadian, Mel Massadian, Leo Mingrone, Arnold Schmidt, Tatia Shaburishvili, Ian Wiblin

In association with: Arte France – La Lucarne

In collaboration with: Centre national des arts plastiques (Image/mouvement), Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication

With the participation of: Centre national du cinéma et de l’image animée

With the support of: La PROCIREP-Société des Producteurs et ANGOA

Using public funding by: Arts Council England, RAI 3 Fuori Orario