The Dream Forest is a walk through the thought of one of the greatest Japanese filmmakers, Kohei Oguri, author of The sting of death (Grand Jury Prize , Cannes 1990). Around an animistic sensitivity and a constant search for harmony, it redefines poetry, serenity and assurance : the essence of a utopian cinema, the culmination of 30 years of thinking about the staging and the report image.

Director : Antoine Barraud

Written by : Antoine Barraud

Length : 53 min

Produced by: Antoine Barraud, Philippe Dijon de Monteton

Editing: Anne Souriau

Image: Antoine Barraud

Sound: Gilles Bénardeau

Music: Andrea Monti

With: Kohei Oguriavec le soutien du CNAP, de la Maison de la Culture du Japon et la Japan Foundation

Acquired by: CNC images de la Culture