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Bitter Money – By Wang Bing

In a fast growing city of East China, migrants have been arriving and living for a dream of a better life. But what they find there is little opportunities and poor living conditions that push people, even couples, into violent and oppressive relations. XIAO MIN, LING LING and LAO YEH are some of the characters of this bitter chronicle of todays China. Director : Wang

Duccio Chiarini

Duccio Chiarini Duccio graduated from the London Film School. After doing several short films in 2011, he directed the autobiographical documentary “Hit the road, nonna”, about the explosive life of his entrepreneur grandmother Delia. The film premiered at the Venice Days the same year. In 2014 he wrote and directed his first feature film “Short Skin”. Produced within the Biennale Cinema College workshop, the film

Romain Cogitore

Romain Cogitore Born in 1985, Romain Cogitore sets himself as one of the emerging filmmakers to follow by finishing his 1st feature, Fifteen Lads, at the age of 25. Along with cinema he cultivates a cross-practice of arts such as photography, poetry, music and theatre. He has directed six shorts films, among which Concerto, awarded by the Foundation Bleustein-Blanchet and Des Hommes, presented at Belfort Film festival. Fifteen Lads was released

Šarūnas Bartas

Šarūnas Bartas Sarunas Bartas is a Lithuanian film director. One of the most prominent Lithuanian film directors internationally from the late 20th century. His 2015 film Peace to Us in Our Dreams was screened in the Directors' Fortnight section at the 2015 Cannes Film Festival. Filmography: Features 2015 : Peace to Us in Our Dreams 2010 : Eastern Drift 2005 : Seven Invisible Men 2004 : "Children Lose Nothing" in Visions of Europe 2000 : Freedom 1997

Stephen Dwoskin

Stephen Dwoskin January 15, 1939 – June 28, 2012, was an accomplished experimental filmmaker whose work had a decisive effect on the British film theorists of the early 1970s. His films are held at the BFI and distributed by LUX. His archive is held at The University of Reading.   Filmography: Features 2012 : Age is… 2007 : The Sun and the Moon 2005 : Oblivion 1994 : Trying to Kiss the Moon 1992

Antoine Barraud

Antoine Barraud A French film director. He directed his first medium-length film, Song (with Nathalie Boutefeu) in 2007 , but it was mainly his second experimental film Les Gouffres (with Mathieu Amalric and Nathalie Boutefeu) which was noticed by critics during his presentation at festivals in Switzerland and France. Filmography : Filmographie 2014 : Le Dos rouge 2012 : Les Gouffres Shorts 2013 : Abismo (adapté des Gouffres) 2011 : Son of a Gun 2009 : River of Anger 2008 : Monstre

Alireza Khatami

Alireza Khatami Alireza Khatami (1980, Iran) worked in the Iranian film Industry before going into exile in Malaysia where he then worked as a Visual Effects Supervisor. Currently he lives in the USA and studies Master of Fine Arts in Film Production. His debut film, Oblivion Verses, was selected for the Script Station of 62nd Berlinale Talent Campus and received the Hubert Bals Fund from

João Pedro Rodrigues

João Pedro Rodrigues João Pedro Rodrigues is a Portuguese film director whose activity started in 1997. He is considered to be part of The School of Reis film family. Having studied at the School of Theatre and Cinema of Portugal, João Pedro Rodrigues started his career as an assistant director and editor in several features, directed, for example, by Alberto Seixas Santos and Teresa Villaverde, among others. In 1997 João Pedro Rodrigues directs his first film. O

Qiu Yang

Qiu Yang Qiu Yang was born and raised in Changzhou, China. In 2013, he was selected for the prestigious directing course at the Victorian College of the Arts. In 2014, his short The World was selected for several international film festivals including the Melbourne International Film Festival. In 2015, his short Under the Sun was selected for Cinéfondation – La Sélection and was the only

Pengfei Song

  Pengfei Song Pengfei Song was born in a family of Peking Opera performers in Beijing. Under the influence of his family, he developed a strong passion for the arts. After graduating from high school, he went to Paris to study film at L’Institute International Image et du Son and majored in film directing. After 7 years of immersion in European culture, which transformed his

Midi Z

Midi Z Midi Z is a Myanmar-born Taiwanese film director. He studied Film Directing in Taiwan. In 2009, he was named one of the most prominent directors by the Taipei Golden Horse Film Academy. Return to Burma, his debut feature, was selected for the Tiger Awards Competition in 2012 and The Palace on the Sea led to a Tiger Award nomination in 2014. Midi Z's Ice Poison (2014) won Best Film in Edinburgh

Wang Bing

Wang Bing Wang Bing was born in 1967 in Xi'an. He studied photography at the Beaux Arts in Sheyang. After the Beaux Arts, he was admitted to the Film Academy; he discovered the cinema of Antonioni, Bergman, Pasolini. In 2002, he directed West of the tracks, nine-hour documentary on the end of a huge industrial area of China. A first version of five hours is shown at the Berlin

Tsai Ming Liang

Tsai Ming Liang Tsai Ming Liang is a Malaysian Chinese filmmaker. He has written and directed 10 feature films and has also directed many short films and television films. Tsai is one of the most celebrated "Second New Wave" film directors of Taiwanese cinema. His films have been acclaimed worldwide and have won numerous film festival awards. Filmography: Features 2013 : Stray Dogs 2009 : Face 2006 : I Don't Want

Arnie – by Rina B. Tsou

Synopsis: While docked at the port of Kaohsiung, Filipino seaman ARNIE buys a ring with the help of his mates. He plans to propose to his girlfriend back home over the internet. What was meant to be the happiest moment of his life soon takes a downward spiral when he finds out that she is pregnant. Arnie is not the father of the child.
Like a fish out of water, the life of migrant seamen working in Taiwan is a daily struggle... for the catch is plenty down south, but the waves are choppy and brutal. Monsoon season is here.

Letter To My Daughter – by Dominique Valentin

An old lady who was professional actress returns home. She decides to leave everything and leaves a letter to his daughter.

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