In a fast growing city of East China, migrants have been arriving and living for a dream of a better life. But what they find there is little opportunities and poor living conditions that push people, even couples, into violent and oppressive relations. XIAO MIN, LING LING and LAO YEH are some of the characters of this bitter chronicle of todays China.

Director : Wang Bing

Written by : Wang Bing
Length : 155 min
Language : Chinese
Original title : Ku Qian
French title : Argent Amer

Producers :
Chinese Shadows (China)
House on Fire (France) – Vincent Wang
Gladys Glover (France)

DoP : Yoshitaka Maeda, Wanhui Liu, Shan Xiaohui, Yang Song, Wang Bing

Sound : Emmanuel soland, Thomas Bauer

Editing : Dominique Auvray, Wang Bing

International sales : Pyramide International

With the Support of :
ARTE France – La Lucarne
Hubert Bals Foundation
DMZ – International Documentary Film Festival
Fondation F.A.M.S. (Feldstein Abitbol)

Awards and Selections :
Best Screenplay (Orizzonti) Award & Human Rights Special Award – Venice Days 2016

Official Selection – Festival des Trois Continents 2016

Release date :
November 22nd, 2017