Short films – In Production

/Short films – In Production

Arterial – by Olivier Marceny

Of survival and resilience: of how far a person will go to stay alive and what they are prepared to endure to maintain life over death.

Blue Beauty – by Guillaume Moscovitz

In one night, a stolen precious stone tipped the existence of Juliet, an erotic dancer, Rita, her boss, Alma, her best friend, and Blaise, the man she loves. Tensions culminates to take off the masks and clear out through honest and armed exchanges.

Sunday is a woman – by Mélanie Drouère

On a Sunday, around a casual meeting, 4 generations of women from the same and only family are talking about their lives. The may the feel, and the way society make them feel.

Metamorphosis – by Guillaume Moscovitz

Mira, a member of a group of young Jewish Resistance during the Second World War, had a strange dream on the eve of an attack against the Nazis: the nature vibrates and breathes beauty and fertility, an indestructible substance was discovered making possible "transplant" between all living species…

White Gold – by Isabelle Mayor

In the hotel run by his parents, in the heart of a famous ski resort, Sara, 9, watches her parents torn by economic pressures. There's no snow for a long time and there are no tourists either. To save her family, Sara decides to appropriate the local myths and call the legendary animals to bring back the snow.