2069, an erotic yet fateful year for Alfredo, uncrowned king of Portugal. On his deathbed, an old popular song brings him remote memories : trees, the smell of a burnt pine forest, and this moment when, then prince, the desire of becoming a firefighter, to release his country from the curse of the flames, gave birth to another burning desire : the one for Alfonso.
From different social backgrounds and skin colors, both men meet and finally help one another : their initial ratio of power will gradually be steeped by desire… But the public and media exhibition that requires Alfredo’s new function, asked to play a role of high public visibility, will eventually step in and lead this uncrowned prince to adopt a behavior as tragic as absurd, in an impetus to a concocted false reality.

João Pedro Rodrigues

Writers: João Pedro Rodrigues, João Rui Guerra da Mata, Paulo Lopes Graça

Producer : House on Fire (France), Terratremes Filmes (Portugal), Filmes Fantasma (Portugal)