They left Tunisia after the fall of Ben Ali, to arrive in Paris from Lampedusa. What happens to these thousands of Arab Spring’s exiles ? Who are these men who decided to come to France risking their lives? Massimiliano Minissale and Marie Blandin followed them for two years, their forlorn hope , their expectations, and sometimes their return home .

Spring in Exile is a cross-media work consisting of a web documentary integrated into a dynamic and participatory platform.


Director: Massimiliano Minissale
Co-directors Italy and Tunisia: Giuseppe Spina, Francesco Valvo

Written by: Massimiliano Minissale

Length: 58 min

Produced by: Nicolas Rouilleault, Philippe Dijon de Monteton, Vincent Wang

Co-produced by: FrameOff

Editing: Corrado Luvara

Image: Francesco Valvo, Giuseppe Spina, Francesco Di Martino, Giuseppe Portuesi

Pictures: Giuseppe Portuesi, Francesco Di Martino, Terra Project – Simone Donati, Maria Vittoria Trovato, Giulia Mazzone, Giuseppina Bruno

Research and Documentation: Francesco Valvo, Giulia Mazzone

Editorial Advisor: Matteo Treleani

Texts and Articles: Marie Blandin

Translations: Wejdi Trabelsi, Isabella Minissale

With the participation of: CNC, Produzioni dal basso, Mediapart

With the support of: Migreurop, la Cimade