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Portrait of the Artist – by Antoine Barraud

A filmmaker is working on his next film on monstrosity theme. He developed the idea with his colleagues in working sessions, including actors he has chosen for the lead roles and his producer. He seems obsessed with the idea of finding a canvas which would be like the heart of the upcoming film and symbolize, crystallize, the power and beauty of monsters. The vastness of possibilities and interpretations, it uses the services of an art historian who will offer him many paintings and with whom he will begin discussions increasingly passionate. Spilliaert, Francis Bacon, Hans Bellmer, Diane Arbus, Gustave Moreau, each meeting the hustle and calls the next. His desires become clear, he even decides to run rehearsals to see how the idea develops itself. But it does not show to anyone, not even his wife is this spot that grows in his back. This red mark that worries, and seems to express something…

The Guest – by Duccio Chiarini

Dumped by his girlfriend and stranded on different friends’ couches, thirty-eight year-old Guido tries to transform his wacky urban drift into a chance for a new beginning.

The Road to Mandalay – by Midi Z

Lianqing and Guo meet when they illegally crossed into Thailand. Lianqing finds a job as a dishwasher in a restaurant while Guo works in a textile factory in the suburbs. But Guo’s faith in Lianqing is diminishing rapidly; their love is irreversibly doomed.   Director : Midi Z Written by : Midi Z Length : 107 min Language : Burmese Original title : Zai Jian

The Ornithologist – by João Pedro Rodrigues

Fernando is a 35-year-old ornithologist. He decides to go down a river in a kayak, hoping to find extremely rare black storks. Distracted by the beauty of the landscape, Fernando is soon thrown overboard by the current, and his motionless, bloody body reaches the riverbank.

Shanghai Youth – by Wang Bing

Liming is a worker district close to Shanghai – the richest city in China. Every year, many young people leave their villages and move there. They are between 17 and 20, all from rural Yunnan province, 2,500 km west, where the Yangtze River has its source. These young Yunnaneses often live at their place of work, in dormitories, unsanitary rooms, or sometimes in small studios. Time and space to meet is missing them. So, they communicate through QQ, MSN China. They live as adults but they are teenagers, and unstable situation, economic pressures, geographical dispersion, burn their innocence and youth. Wang Bing will spend a year with them in Lemming: at work, at home, on the Internet, every day of their professional, romantic and friendly relations. At the end of the year he will follow them in the opposite direction to their province of origin, their family to celebrate Chinese New Year.

Territory of Love – by Romain Cogitore

MARIA is 28, restless, wants to have every man and proud of speaking five languages. She flies to Taipei, lives on small jobs but what she wants more than anything is to finish her novel. Seven books under way, and none of them completed. She meets OLIVIER, a young expat. He is slow-moving, shy and can speak fifteen languages. As he welcomes her, she becomes calmer.

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