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Arnie – by Rina B. Tsou

Synopsis: While docked at the port of Kaohsiung, Filipino seaman ARNIE buys a ring with the help of his mates. He plans to propose to his girlfriend back home over the internet. What was meant to be the happiest moment of his life soon takes a downward spiral when he finds out that she is pregnant. Arnie is not the father of the child.
Like a fish out of water, the life of migrant seamen working in Taiwan is a daily struggle... for the catch is plenty down south, but the waves are choppy and brutal. Monsoon season is here.

Arterial – by Olivier Marceny

Of survival and resilience: of how far a person will go to stay alive and what they are prepared to endure to maintain life over death.

Blue Beauty – by Guillaume Moscovitz

In one night, a stolen precious stone tipped the existence of Juliet, an erotic dancer, Rita, her boss, Alma, her best friend, and Blaise, the man she loves. Tensions culminates to take off the masks and clear out through honest and armed exchanges.

Sunday is a woman – by Mélanie Drouère

On a Sunday, around a casual meeting, 4 generations of women from the same and only family are talking about their lives. The may the feel, and the way society make them feel.

Metamorphosis – by Guillaume Moscovitz

Mira, a member of a group of young Jewish Resistance during the Second World War, had a strange dream on the eve of an attack against the Nazis: the nature vibrates and breathes beauty and fertility, an indestructible substance was discovered making possible "transplant" between all living species…

White Gold – by Isabelle Mayor

In the hotel run by his parents, in the heart of a famous ski resort, Sara, 9, watches her parents torn by economic pressures. There's no snow for a long time and there are no tourists either. To save her family, Sara decides to appropriate the local myths and call the legendary animals to bring back the snow.

Letter To My Daughter – by Dominique Valentin

An old lady who was professional actress returns home. She decides to leave everything and leaves a letter to his daughter.

UNDER THE SUN – by Qiu Yang

One incident occurs, two families tangle. There’s nothing new under the sun.

The Pierre Clémenti Inedits – by Pierre Clémenti

Three films found, directed by Pierre Clementi: Bunuel, Pasolini and Garrel’s actor. Three diamonds, three symphonies silent images, three ” colored snakes “: SOUVENIRS SOUVENIRS (bobine 27) France, 1967-78, 27 min POSITANO (bobine 30B01) France, c. 1968, 28 min LA DEUXIÈME FEMME (bobine J) France, 1967-78, 48 min

Madame Butterfly – by Tsai Ming-Liang

A free interpretation of the opera in which Tsai Ming Liang propels a woman abandoned by her lover in the crush of the bus station in Kuala Lumpur.

Journey to the West – by Tsaï Ming Liang

Taking Buddhist ritual centuries old steps, a monk is walking extremely slowly in the busy streets of Marseille and Noailles market.

Dawn of the Monsters – by Édouard Moderne

Around the world, strange phenomena occur, mutations, medical curiosities. The entire case comes from the poor and working classes …

The Forest of Dream – by Antoine Barraud

The Dream Forest is a walk through the thought of one of the greatest Japanese filmmakers, Kohei Oguri, author of The sting of death (Grand Jury Prize , Cannes 1990). Around an animistic sensitivity and a constant search for harmony, it redefines poetry, serenity and assurance : the essence of a utopian cinema, the culmination of 30 years of thinking about the staging and the report image.

The Mountain of Terror – by Antoine Barraud

“I decided to look Shuji Terayama, his soul, his re-incarnations, traces he left. As far as I know it could be a fish, a tiger or even a breath of air. What I know is that I’ll talk to him, no matter what.” Antoine Barraud

Spring in exile – by Massimiliano Minissale

They left Tunisia after the fall of Ben Ali, to arrive in Paris from Lampedusa. What happens to these thousands of Arab Spring’s exiles ? Who are these men who decided to come to France risking their lives? Massimiliano Minissale and Marie Blandin followed them for two years, their forlorn hope , their expectations, and sometimes their return home .

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